VoiceThread as a discussion board

VoiceThread makes a powerful replacement for traditional, text-based discussion boards. While flat text scrolls and pushes the topic of conversation off the screen, VoiceThread allows for richer, more dynamic conversations that take place around the topic rather than below it.

Creating the VoiceThread
Go to the Create page and upload a piece of media to “anchor” the discussion. This can be an image that relates to the conversation, a thought-provoking quote, a document, or just about any piece of media that ties to the topic. The conversation will take place around this media.

Be sure to give the VoiceThread a title and description so that participants can easily find it.

Starting the conversation
Begin by leaving a voice or webcam comment. Record a brief introduction and explain exactly what participants should do. If they are not encouraged to comment, they might not realize that they can.

The first comment on the VoiceThread often establishes the level of discourse. If it is an audio comment that is thoughtful and well-articulated, others’ comments tend to reflect that same quality.

*Tip: If there is a particularly good comment that others should see first and emulate, usecomment re-ordering to move that comment to the beginning of the conversation.

Managing the conversation
Each time a new comment is recorded on the VoiceThread, participants will see a yellow comment notification on the MyVoice page. This is a great way to instantly track when new comments are recorded. Click here to learn more.

Participants also receive a Daily Digest, which is a daily email listing of all comments made in the past 24 hours on VoiceThreads that a person has created, had shared with him/her, or subscribed to.

Click here to learn more.